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Sergiy Mokhov
"Mokhov program interface screenshots"
Mokhov program interface screenshots.
Journal Papers (refereed)
S. Mokhov, D. Ott, V. Smirnov, I. Divliansky, B. Zeldovich, and L. Glebov
"Moiré apodized reflective volume Bragg grating"
Optical Engineering, 57(3), 037106
S. Mokhov, A. Spiro, V. Smirnov, S. Kaim, B.Y. Zeldovich, and L.B. Glebov
"Stretching of picosecond laser pulses with uniform reflecting volume Bragg gratings"
Laser Physics, 27(8), 085002
S. Mokhov, L. Glebov, and B. Zeldovich
"Quality deterioration of self-phase modulated Gaussian beams."
Laser Physics Letters 12(1), pp.1-6
S. Kaim, S. Mokhov, D. Ott, I. Divliansky, J. Lumeau, V. Smirnov, B.Y. Zeldovich, L.B. Glebov
"Saturation of multiplexed volume Bragg grating recording"
Journal of the Optical Society of America A 32, pp.22-27
S. Mokhov, D. Ott, I. Divliansky, B. Zeldovich, and L. Glebov
"Moire volume Bragg grating filter with tunable bandwidth"
Optics Express 22(17), pp. 20375-20386
S Kaim, S Mokhov, BY Zeldovich, and LB Glebov
"Stretching and compressing of short laser pulses by chirped volume Bragg gratings: analytic and numerical modeling"
Optical Engineering 53(5)
M. SeGall, V. Rotar, J. Lumeau, S. Mokhov, B. Zeldovich, and L. Glebov
"Binary volume phase masks in photo-thermo-refractive glass"
Opt. Lett. 37, 1190-1192
Vadim Smirnov, Julien Lumeau, Sergiy Mokhov, Boris Ya. Zeldovich, Leonid B. Glebov
"Ultranarrow Bandwidth Moire Reflecting Bragg Gratings Recorded in Photo-Thermo-Refractive Glass"
Optics Letters 35, 592-594
H. Shu, S. Mokhov, B. Ya. Zeldovich, and M. Bass
"The reflection of a laser beam by a deformed highly reflective volume Bragg grating using iteration of the beam propagation method"
Appl. Opt. 48, 22-27
Leonid B. Glebov, Julien Lumeau, Sergiy Mokhov, Vadim Smirnov, and Boris Ya. Zeldovich
"Reflection of light by composite volume holograms: Fresnel corrections and Fabry–Perot spectral filtering"
J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 25, 751-764
S. Mokhov and B. Ya. Zeldovich
"Strength of electromagnetic, acoustic and Schrödinger reflections"
Proc. R. Soc. A 464, 3071-3080
S. Mokhov, R. El-Ganainy, and D. N. Christodoulides
"Power circulation via negative energy-flux wormholes in optical nanowaveguides"
Opt. Express 14, 3255-3262
R. El-Ganainy, S. Mokhov, K. G. Makris, D. N. Christodoulides, and R. Morandotti
"Solitons in dispersion-inverted AlGaAs nanowires"
Opt. Express 14, 2277-2282
Conference Proceedings
Sergiy Kaim, Vadim Smirnov, Sergiy Mokhov, Boris Zeldovich, and Leonid Glebov
"Properties of Bulk and Composite Chirped Volume Bragg Gratings in Stetcher-Compressor Schemes"
Frontiers in Optics, Rochester, talk FTu3A.21
Sergiy Kaim, Sergiy Mokhov, Leonid Glebov, Boris Zeldovich
"Self-Fourier-Transform Beams and Their Quality Characterization"
Frontiers in Optics 2012, Rochester, Talk FW3A.16
L.B. Glebov, J. Lumeau, S. Mokhov, V.I. Smirnov, and B.Y. Zeldovich
"Volume Moiré Bragg gratings in a photosensitive material"
Patent #9,696,476
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