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Journal Papers (refereed)
D.G. Deppe, J. Leshin, J. Leshin, L. Eifert, F. Tucker, and T. Hillyer
"Transverse mode confinement in lithographic VCSELs"
Electronics Letters, 53(24)
M. Li, X. Yang, Y. Zhang, G. Zhao, J. Beadsworth, L. Eifert, F. Tucker, D.G. Deppe
"901 nm lithographic vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with stable single-lobed beam pattern"
Electronics Letters 51(21), pp.1683-U104
X. Yang, G.W. Zhao, M.X. Li, D.G. Deppe
"Stress test of lithographic vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers under extreme operating conditions"
Electronics Letters 51(16), pp.1279-1280
X Yang, M Li, G Zhao, Y Zhang, S Freisem, and DG Deppe
"Oxide-free vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with low junction temperature and high drive level"
Electronics Letters 50, no. 20 (2014): 1474-1475.
J. M. Dallesasse, and D. G. Deppe
"(Invited) III-V Oxidation: Discoveries and Applications in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers"
Proceedings Of The IEEE 101(10), pp.2234-2242
A. Gamouras, R. Mathew, S. Freisem, D. G. Deppe, and K. C. Hall
"Simultaneous Deterministic Control of Distant Qubits in Two Semiconductor Quantum Dots"
Nano Lett., 2013, 13 (10), pp 4666–4670
Xiaohang Liu, Guowei Zhao, Yu Zhang, and Dennis. G. Deppe
"Semiconductor laser monolithically pumped with a light emitting diode operating in the thermoelectrophotonic regime"
Applied Physics Letters, 102(8)
G. Zhao, Y. Zhang, D. G. Deppe, K. Konthasinghe, and A. Muller
"Buried heterostructure vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with semiconductor mirrors"
Applied Physics Letters 101(10)
W. Hageman, J. H. Cho, M. Bass, D. G. Deppe, T. Hawkins, P. Foy, and J. Ballato
"Novel Visible Light Emitting Optical Fibers Using Up-Conversion"
Journal of Display Technology 7(5), pp. 295-300
D. G. Deppe and S. Freisem
"Miniature lasers could help launch new age of internet"
UCF Newsroom, March 15, Orlando, FL
J. H. Cho, M. Bass, A. Cassanho, H. P. Jenssen, S. Freisem, and D. G. Deppe
"Properties of Up Conversion Phosphors Necessary for Small Size Emissive Displays"
Journal of Display Technology 7(2), pp. 77-83
A. Demir, G. Zhao, and D.G. Deppe
"Lithographic Lasers with Low Thermal Resistance"
Electronics Letters 46(16), pp. 1147-1148
Deppe, D. G.; Shavritranuruk, K.; Ozgur, G.; Chen, H.; Freisem, S.
"Quantum dot laser diode with low threshold and low internal loss"
Electroniics Letters, vol. 45, pp. 54-55
D.G. Deppe, K. Shavritranuruk, G. Ozgur, H. Chen, and S. Freisem
"Quantum Dot Laser Diode with Low Threshold and Low Internal Loss"
Electron. Lett. 45, 54
Flagg, E. B.; Muller, A.; Robertson, J. W.; Founta, S.; Deppe, D. G.; Xiao, M.; Ma, W.; Salamo, G. J.; Shih, C. K.
"Resonantly driven coherent oscillations in a solid-state quantum emitter"
Nature Physics, vol. 5, issue 3, pp. 203-207
E.B. Flagg, A. Muller, J.W. Robertson, S. Founta, D.G. Deppe, M. Xiao, W. Ma, G.J. Salamo, and C.K. Shih
"Resonantly Driven Coherent Oscillations in a Solid-State Quantum Emitter"
Nature Physics 5, 203
Ozgur, Gokhan; Demir, Abdullah; Deppe, Dennis G.
"Threshold Temperature Dependence of a Quantum-Dot Laser Diode With and Without p-Doping"
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, vol 45, issue 10, pp. 1265-1272
Luo, Yi; Deppe, Dennis G.; Jagadish, Chennupati
"Guest editorial on nano-optoelectronics and applications"
Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol 26, issue 9-12, pp. 1365-1366
Michael Bass and Dennis G. Deppe
"High resolution, full color, high brightness fully integrated light emitting devices and displays "
US Patent 7471706
Freisem, S.; Ozgur, G.; Shavritranuruk, K.; Chen, H.; Deppe, D. G.
"Very-low-threshold current density continuous-wave quantum-dot laser diode"
Electronics Letters, vol:44, issue 11, pp. 679-U32
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