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Journal Papers (refereed)
Zoubir, A.; Eichenholz, J.; Fujiwara, E.; Grojo, D.; Baleine, E.; Rapaport, A.; Bass, M.; Chai, B.; Richardson, M.
"Non-critical phase-matched second harmonic generation in GdxY1-xCOB"
Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics. 77(4) 437-440
J. Eichenholz, D.A. Hammons, L. Shah, Q. Ye, R.E. Peale, M.C. Richardson, B.H.T. Chai
"Diode-pumped self-frequency doubling in Nd3+:YCa4O(BO3)3 laser"
Applied Physics Letters 74, 1954-1956
Q. Ye, L. Shah, J. Eichenholz, D.A. Hammons, R.E. Peale, M.C. Richardson, A.K. Chin, B.H.T. Chai
"Investigation of diode-pumped self-frequency doubled RGB lasers from Nd:YCOB crystals"
Optics Communications 164, 33-37
Ye, Q.; Shah, L.; Eichenholz, J.; Hammons, D.; Peale, R.; Richardson, M.; Chin, A.; Chai, B. H. T.
"Investigation of diode-pumped, self-frequency doubled RGB lasers from Nd : YCOB crystals"
Optics Communications. 164(1-3) 33-37
L. Shah, Q. Ye, J.M. Eichenholz, D.A. Hammons, M. Richardson, B.H.T. Chai, R.E. Peale
"Laser tunability in Yb3+:YCa4O(BO3)3 {Yb:YCOB}"
Optics Communications 167, 149-153
D.A. Hammons, J. Eichenholz, Q. Ye, B.H.T. Chai, L. Shah, R.E. Peale, M.C. Richardson, H. Qui
"Laser action in Yb3+:YCOB (Yb3+:YCa4O(BO3)3"
Optics Communications 156, 327-330
K. Lim, J. Eichenholz, M. Baudelet, and M. C. Richardson
"Far-UV LIBS for biological and organic samples"
SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing, Orlando, FL, USA
Khan Lim, Matthieu Baudelet, Jason Eichenholz, Martin Richardson
"Far-UV LIBS for Biological and Organic Samples"
LIBS 2010 (Memphis, TN, USA, 2010) 16 September 2010
Theses or Dissertations
J. Eichenholz
"Generation of High Powers From Diode Pumped Cr3+ Doped Colquiriites"
PhD Dissertation, CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics
J. Eichenholz
"Generation of femtosecond laser pulses at 850 nm"
MS Thesis, CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics
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