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Book Chapters
I. Mingareev, L. Shah, M.C. Richardson, and M. Ramme
"Direct infrared laser machining of semiconductors for electronics applications"
Advances in Laser Materials Processing, 2nd Edition, Technology, Research and Applications, Woodhead Publishing 2018, ISBN: 9780081012529
C. Fornaroli, I. Mingareev, and A. Gillner
"Laser dicing of silicon and electronics substrates"
Advances in Laser Materials Processing, 2nd Edition, Technology, Research and Applications, Woodhead Publishing, ISBN: 9780081012529
Mark Ramme, Andreas Vaupel, Michaël Hemmer, Jiyeon Choi, Ilya Mingareev, and Martin C. Richardson
"Chapter 2: Lasers for Ultrafast Laser–Materials Processing"
in “Ultrafast Laser Processing: From Micro- to Nanoscale”, Edited by Koji Sugioka and Ya Cheng, Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd. ISBN 978-981-4267-33-5 (Hardcover), 978-981-4303-69-9 (eBook)
Martin Richardson, Mark Ramme, JiYeon Choi, Michael Hemmer & Ilya Mingareev
"Optimizing Ultrafast Lasers for Materials Processing "
Chapter 2, in “Ultrafast Laser Processing: From Micro- to Nanoscale”, edited by Kogi Sugioka
Journal Papers (refereed)
B. Ealy, L. Calderon, W.P. Wang, R. Valentin, I. Mingareev, M.C. Richardson, and J. Kapat
"Characterization of laser additive manufacturing-fabricated porous superalloys for turbine components"
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power-Transactions of the ASME, 139(10), 102102
I. Mingareev, N. Gehlich, T. Bonhoff, A. Abdulfattah, A.M. Sincore, P. Kadwani, L. Shah, and M.C. Richardson
"Principles and applications of trans-wafer processing using a 2-µm thulium fiber laser"
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing, 84 (9-12), pp.2567-2578
H.E. Ahmed, A.A. El-Ebissy, I. Mingareev, M.C. Richardson
"Evaluating study of ultrafast laser-assisted cleaning of historical textiles conservation"
Journal of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management, 9(2)
O. Khalil, I. Mingareev, T. Bonhoff, A.F. El-Sherif, M.C. Richardson, M.A. Harith
"Studying the effect of zeolite inclusion in aluminum alloy on measurement of its surface hardness using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy technique"
Optical Engineering, 53(1), pp. 014106
Ilya Mingareev, Tobias Bonhoff, Ashraf F. El-Sherif, Wilhelm Meiners, Ingomar Kelbassa, Tim Biermann, and Martin Richardson
"Femtosecond laser post-processing of metal parts produced by laser additive manufacturing"
Journal Of Laser Applications 25(5)
I. Mingareev, F. Weirauch, A. Olowinsky, L. Shah, P. Kadwani, and M. Richardson
"Welding of polymers using a 2 µm thulium fiber laser"
Journal of Optics and Laser Technology 44, pp. 2095-2099
I. Mingareev, R. Berlich, T. J. Eichelkraut, H. Herfurth, S. Heinemann, M.C. Richardson
"Diffractive optical elements utilized for efficiency enhancement of photovoltaic modules"
Optics Express 19 (12), pp. 11397-11404
A. Horn, D. Wortmann, A. Brand, I. Mingareev
"Development of a time-resolved white-light interference microscope for optical phase measurements during fs-laser material processing "
Appl. Phys. A 101 (2), 231-235 (2010)
I. Mingareev, A. Horn
"Melt dynamics of aluminum irradiated with ultrafast laser radiation at large intensities "
J. Appl. Phys. 106, 013513 (2009)
A. Horn, I. Mingareev, J. Gottmann, A. Werth, U. Brenk
"Dynamical detection of optical phase changes during micro-welding of glass with ultra-short laser radiation"
Meas. Sci. Technol. 19 015302 (2008)
A. Horn, I. Mingareev, A. Werth
"Investigations on melting and welding of glass by ultra-short laser radiation"
JLMN 3 (2), 114-118 (2008)
A. Horn, I. Mingareev, A. Werth, M. Kachel, U. Brenk
"Investigations on ultrafast welding of glass-glass and glass-silicon"
Appl. Phys. A, Volume 93 (1), 171-175 (2008)
A. Horn, I. Mingareev, A. Werth, M. Kachel, U. Brenk
"Non-interferometric time-resolved quantitative phase microscopy"
Appl. Phys. A, 93 (1), 165-169 (2008)
I. Mingareev, A. Horn
"Time-resolved investigations of plasma and melt ejections in metals by pump-probe shadowgraphy "
Appl. Phys. A 92 (4), 917-920 (2008)
A. Horn, I. Mingareev, I. Miyamoto
"Ultra-fast diagnostics of laser-induced melting of matter "
JLMN 1 (3), 264–268 (2006)
Conference Proceedings
I. Mingareev, L. Calderon, M. Richardson, J. Kapat
"Non-destructive characterization of 3D-printed turbine components featuring engineered porosity"
Proc. 27th ASNT Research Symposium, Orlando FL
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