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Journal Papers (refereed)
George Curatu and J. E. Harvey
"Analysis and Design of Wide-field Foveated Optical Systems based on Transmissive Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulators"
Opt. Eng. 48(4), No. 043001, 1-11
G. Curatu and J. E. Harvey
"Analysis and design of wide-angle foveated optical systems based on transmissive liquid crystal spatial light modulators"
Opt. Eng. 48(4), 2009
Curatu, C., G. Curatu, and J. Rolland
"Tolerance Analysis Method for Shack-Hartmann Sensors Using a Variable Phase Surface"
Optics Express 14(1), p. 138-147
Conference Proceedings
G. Curatu and O. Ruiz
"A novel technology based on CO2 lasers for surface finishing and direct fiber fusion of beam delivery optics"
SPIE Proc. 7579, 2010
G. Curatu and J. E. Harvey
"Performance analysis of a high-resolution wide-angle foveated optical system"
SPIE Proc. 7682, 2010
G. Curatu and J. E. Harvey
"Lens design and system optimization for foveated imaging"
SPIE Proc. 7060, 2008
C. Curatu, G. Curatu, and J. Rolland
"Fundamental and Specific Steps in Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor Design "
Annual Meeting of the SPIE, Invited Paper (August 2006), Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 6288
Theses or Dissertations
George Curatu
"Analysis And Design of Wide-Angle Foveated Optical Systems"
PhD Dissertation, University of Central Florida
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