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Journal Papers (refereed)
Y. Wang, J. He, H. Chen, J. Chen, R. Zhu, P. Ma, A. Towers, Y. Lin, A.J. Gesquiere, S.T. Wu, and Y. Dong
"Ultrastable, highly luminescent organic - inorganic perovskite-polymer composite films"
Advanced Materials 28(48), 10710–10717
C. Li, Y. Ding, M. Soliman, J. Lorenzo, N. Dhasmana, P. Chantharasupawong, A.V. Ievlev, A.J. Gesquiere, L. Tetard, and J. Thomas
"Probing ternary solvent effect in high V-oc polymer solar cells using advanced AFM techniques"
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8(7), pp.4730-4738
M. Doshi, A. Copik, A.J. Gesquiere
"Development and characterization of conducting polymer nanoparticles for photodynamic therapy in vitro"
Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 12(3), pp.476-489
M. Doshi, M. Krienke, S. Khederzadeh, H. Sanchez, A. Copik, J. Oyer, A.J. Gesquiere
"Conducting polymer nanoparticles for targeted cancer therapy"
RSC Advances 5(47), pp.37943-37956
AM Crotty, AN Gizzi, HJ Rivera-Jacquez, AE Masunov, ZJ Hu, JA Geldmeier, and AJ Gesquiere
"Molecular Packing in Organic Solar Cell Materials: Insights from the Emission Line Shapes of P3HT/PCBM Polymer Blend Nanoparticles"
Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 118(34), pp. 19975-19984
Junghan Lee, Megan Twomey, Christian Machado, Giselle Gomez, Mona Doshi, Andre J. Gesquiere, and Joong Ho Moon
"Caveolae-mediated endocytosis of conjugated polymer nanoparticles"
Macromolecular Bioscience 13(7), pp.913-920
Zhongjian Hu, Jianhua Liu, Lauren Simon-Bower, Lei Zhai, and Andre J. Gesquiere
"Influence of Backbone Rigidness on Single Chain Conformation of Thiophene-Based Conjugated Polymers"
Journal Of Physical Chemistry B 117(16), pp.4461-4467
Z. Hu, S. Tang, A. Ahlvers, S. I. Khondaker, and A. J. Gesquiere
"Near-infrared photoresponse sensitization of solvent additive processed poly(3-hexylthiophene)/fullerene solar cells by a low band gap polymer"
Applied Physics Letters 101(5)
R. N. Mitra, M. Doshi, X. Zhang, J. C. Tyus, N. Bengtsson, S. Fletcher, B. D. G. Page, J. Turkson, A. J. Gesquiere, P. T. Gunning, G. A. Walter, and S. Santra
"An activatable multimodal/multifunctional nanoprobe for direct imaging of intracellular drug delivery"
Biomaterials 33(5), pp.1500-1508
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