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K.L. Vodopyanov, K. Schepler
"Nonlinear frequency generation and conversion: materials, devices, and applications XVI"
Nonlinear Frequency Generation and Conversion: Materials, Devices, and Applications XV, Proceedings of SPIE, 10088
Book Chapters
Kenneth L Schepler
"Infrared Transition Metal Solid-State Lasers"
Encyclopedia of Modern Optics 2nd edition, R. Guenther and D. Steel, eds. (Elsevier, 2018), pp. 435-445.
Journal Papers (refereed)
A. Sincore, J. Cook, F. Tan, A.E. Halawany, A. Riggins, S. McDaniel, G. Cook, D.V. Martyshkin, V.V. Fedorov, S.B. Mirov, L. Shah, A.F. Abouraddy, M.C. Richardson, and K.L. Schepler
"High power single-mode delivery of mid-infrared sources through chalcogenide fiber"
Optics Express, 26(6), pp 7313-7323
J.W. Evans, T.R. Harris, B. R. Reddy, K.L. Schepler, and P.A. Berry
"Optical spectroscopy and modeling of Fe2+ ions in zinc selenide"
Journal of Luminescence 188, pp. 541-550
S. Shabahang, F. A. Tan, J.D. Perlstein, G. Tao, O. Alvarez, F. Chenard, A. Sincore, L. Shah, M.C. Richardson, K.L. Schepler, and A.F. Abouraddy
"Robust multimaterial chalcogenide fibers produced by a hybrid fiber-fabrication process"
Optics Materials Express, 7(7), pp. 2336-2345
Y. Jeong, C. Krankel, A. Galvanauskas, K.L. Schepler, T. Taira, and S.B. Jiang
"Focus issue introduction: Advanced Solid-State Lasers (ASSL) 2016"
Optics Express, 25(8), pp. 8604-8610
S. Vana, W. M. Grossman, K.L. Schepler, D.K. Killinger, S.M. Jarrett, J.F. Black, L.E. Myers
"CO2 sensing with a 1.432 ┬Ám Nd:YAlO3 laser"
Optical Engineering, 54, pp.106-104
K.L. Schepler, Y. Jeong, S.B. Jiang, K. Gallo, T. Taira, F.O. Ilday
"Focus issue introduction: Advanced Solid-State Lasers (ASSL) 2014"
Optics Express 23(6), pp.8170-8178
J.R. Macdonald, S.J. Beecher, A. Lancaster, P.A. Berry, K.L. Schepler, A.K. Kar
"Ultrabroad mid-infrared tunable Cr:ZnSe channel waveguide laser"
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 21(1), pp. 375-379
Sean McDaniel, Douglas Hobbs, Bruce MacLeod, Ernest Sabatino, Patrick Berry, Kenneth Schepler, William Mitchell, and Gary Cook
"Cr:ZnSe laser incorporating anti-reflection microstructures exhibiting low-loss, damage-resistant lasing at near quantum limit efficiency"
Optical Materials Express 4(11), pp. 2225-2232
Jonathan W. Evans, Patrick A. Berry, and Kenneth L. Schepler
"A Passively Q-Switched, CW-Pumped Fe:ZnSe Laser"
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 50(3)
John R. Macdonald, Stephen J. Beecher, Adam Lancaster, Patrick A. Berry, Kenneth L. Schepler, Sergey B. Mirov, Ajoy K. Kar
"Compact Cr:ZnS channel waveguide laser operating at 2333 nm"
Optics Express 22 (6), pp. 7052
Patrick A. Berry, John R. Macdonald, Stephen J. Beecher, Sean A. McDaniel, Kenneth L. Schepler and Ajoy K. Kar
"Fabrication and power scaling of a 1.7 W Cr:ZnSe waveguide laser"
Optical Materials Express 3 (9), 1250-1258
John R. Macdonald, Stephen J. Beecher, Patrick A. Berry, Graeme Brown, Kenneth L. Schepler, and Ajoy K. Kar
"Efficient mid-infrared Cr:ZnSe channel waveguide laser operating at 2486 nm"
Optics Letters 38 (13) 2194-2196 (2013)
J. R. Macdonald, S. J. Beecher, P. A. Berry, K. L. Schepler, and A. K. Kar
"Compact mid-infrared Cr:ZnSe channel waveguide laser"
Applied Physics Letters 102, 161110 (2013).
Jonathan W. Evans, Patrick A. Berry and Kenneth L. Schepler
"840 mW continuous-wave Fe:ZnSe laser operating at 4140 nm"
Optics Letters, 36, No 23, 5021-5023
T. J. Wagner, M. J. Bohn, R. A. Coutu, Jr, L. P. Gonzalez, J. M. Murray, K. L. Schepler and S. Guha
"Measurement and modeling of IR nonlinear absorption coefficients and laser-induced damage thresholds in Ge and GaSb"
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 27, No 10, 2122-2131 (2010).
P.A. Berry and K.L. Schepler
"High-power, widely-tunable Cr2+:ZnSe master oscillator power amplifier systems"
Optics Express, 18, No 14, 15062-15072 (2010)
Conference Proceedings
A. Rao, T. Sjaardema, G. Camacho-Gonzalez, A. Honardoost, M. Malinowski, K. Schepler, S. Fathpour,
"Random Quasi-Phase-Matching on a Nanophotonic Heterogeneous Silicon Chip"
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (IEEE/OSA CLEO 2018), San Jose, CA, May 2018.
J. Cook, A. Sincore, F. Tan, A. El Halawany, A. Riggins, L. Shah, A. F. Abouraddy, M. Richardson, and K. L. Schepler
"Mid-Infrared Performance of Single Mode Chalcogenide Fibers"
SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco, CA
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