The main facilities of the College are housed in a state-of-the art 104,000 sq. ft. building dedicated to optics and photonics research and education. In addition to several specialized labs directed by individual faculty members, there exist some unique multi-user facilities in the College.  These large and elaborate facilities are run and shared by a handful of faculty. Some facilities are open to the whole UCF research community as well as external industrial users:    

CREOL Nanofabrication Facility: The CNF consists of 3,000 ft2 of Class 100 and Class 1000 cleanrooms with standard optical lithography, deposition and etching tools, as well as a Leica 5000+ e-beam lithography instrument capable of 10-nm resolution. CNF is used for fabrication of integrated nanophotonic devices and circuits, as well as nanostructured materials and samples. The facility is open to companies and other outside users and is a part of UCF’s Nanofabrication Shared Facility, which includes complementary labs in the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences and the College of Sciences. For available equipment and usage fees, contact James Ross.

CREOL Fiber-Optic Fabrication Facility (FOFF): CREOL owns one of the most unique facilities in the nation to process novel optical fiber materials, and fabricate state-of-the-art fiber-optic devices and systems. The facility includes a modified chemical vapor deposition (MCVD) system to grow fiber preforms, a drawing tower to pull out the preforms and attain nanostructured fibers, as well as several auxiliary labs to fuse, splice, assemble and characterize fully-functional and packaged modern fiber-optic components. 

CREOL Material and Glass Processing Facility: The Optical Materials Laboratory provides 4,000 square-foot of state-of-the-art research laboratories for the fabrication of crystals, optical ceramics, glass and glass-ceramics. It features dedicated ceramic laboratories with extensive powder processing and sintering equipment, infrared glasses and glass-ceramic advanced manufacturing, and cutting-edge MOCVD fiber-preform fabrication. These laboratories also include post-processing capabilities and analytical tools for material characterization. The OML is located on the UCF main campus, in a close proximity to the College of Optics and Photonics, the Material Characterization Facility (MCF) and local industrial partners..

CREOL Bio-Photonics Facility: This shared lab has all the necessary equipment for cell/tissue culture, basic biochemistry and molecular biology including systems for microfluidics fabrication and assembly, UV-VIS spectrometer, biosafety cabinets, carbon dioxide cell incubators, phase contrast microscope, autoclave, ultracentrifuge, PCR thermocycler, freezer, refrigerator, pH meter, electrophoresis systems with gel imager, E.coli shaker and FPLC system.

Townes Institute Science and Technology Experimentatoin Facility (TISTEF): TISTEF is a unique government asset supporting research and development of electrooptic sensing technologies, laser beam wave propagation, and asset tracking located at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. UCF has agreements with the US Air Force and NASA to operate at the site. TISTEF is a multi-user facility, encompassing indoor laser and optics labs and outdoor test ranges, but is primarily a field test facility.