World Record Pulsed Wall-Plug Efficiency

We have just set the record for pulsed QCL efficiency. Our two material active region design was measured to have a wall-plug efficiency of 28.3% in a 40 stage structure. This result is largely due to the high injection efficiency (75%) of the active region design. See

Room Temperature QCLs Grown on GaAs

QCLs on computer chips just got one step closer to reality. We have just demonstrated room temperature lasing of a quantum cascade laser grown on a lattice-mismatched substrate. An InP based design was grown on a GaAs substrate, utilizing a buffer layer between the InP

New Scientists Wanted! Graduate Students and Postdocs Welcome

Our group has returned from presenting our work at Photonics West 2018, and we have finally moved into our new lab in the recently finished Research I building on UCF campus. Our group is expanding and we need more scientists to fill roles in device

2018 Intersubband Optoelectronics Lab