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Our group develops groundbreaking techniques for producing mid-IR (MIR) and terahertz (THz) coherent radiation and explores their diverse applications. The areas of research embrace generation of ultra-broadband MIR-THz frequency combs and study of their coherence properties, applying dual-frequency-comb MIR-THz spectroscopy for high-resolution spectroscopy and ultrasensitive molecular detection, spectroscopic study of dynamic processes such as combustion, and nano-IR spectroscopy. We also explore THz imaging via up-conversion of THz photons, as well as applications of lasers and frequency combs for bio-medical research.

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Latest News

  • March 2022. A review paper was published: K. L. Vodopyanov, “Ultra-broadband mid-infrared frequency combs produced by optical subharmonic generation”, Quantum Electronics 52, 307-312 (2022). 
  • January 2022. Woraprach Kusolthossakul joins the group as a graduate student. 
  • Nov 10, 2021. Taiki Kawamori defended his PhD thesis in Optics and Photonics: “Nonlinear Light-Matter Interactions in Novel Crystals for Broadband Mid-Infrared Generation”.
  • Oct. 2021. Konstantin Vodopyanov is featured in the  Pegasus, The Magazine of the University of Central Florida link
  • June 2021. Dmitrii Konnov successfully completes the Dissertation Proposal Examination.
  • Feb 2021,  our paper Q. Ru, T. Kawamori, P. G. Schunemann, S. Vasilyev, S. B. Mirov, and K. L. Vodopyanov, “Two-octave-wide (3–12 µm) subharmonic produced in a minimally dispersive optical parametric oscillator cavity” is published in Opt. Lett. and highlighted as an “Editors’ Pick” , link
  • Aug 2020, our paper V. Karlovets, I.E. Gordon, D. Konnov, A.V. Muraviev, K.L. Vodopyanov,  “Dual-Comb Laser Spectroscopy of CS2 near 4.6 µm”  is published in the Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer (JQSRT) , link
  • August 2020, a monograph by Konstantin Vodopyanov “Laser-based Mid-infrared Sources and Applications” is published (Wiley, 2020).  link
  • August 2020, Ozarfar Gafarov joins the group as a postdoctoral scholar.
  • July 2020. Taiki Kawamori  successfully completes the Dissertation Proposal Examination.
  • July 2020. Dmitrii Konnov successfully completes the Candidacy Examination.
  • March 2020, a chapter by Konstantin Vodopyanov “Isotopologues Detection and Quantitative Analysis by Mid‐Infrared Dual‐Comb Laser Spectroscopy” is published in the Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry (Wiley, 2020).  link
  • July 3, 2019. Qitian Ru defended his PhD thesis in Optics and Photonics: “Broadband Mid-infrared Frequency Combs Generated via Frequency Division”.
  • June 3, 2019. Dmitrii Konnov passes CREOL PhD Qualifying Examination (the ‘Qualifier’).
  • March 27, 2019. Qitian Ru became the winner of the UCF Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition and walked away with a 1000-dollar prize.  There were 10 finalists and they were judged on the ability to effectively convey the essence and importance of their research in an engaging way to a non-specialist audience in just three minutes, with one PowerPoint slide. Qitian will continue competing on the national level.
  • March 2019. Qitian Ru is on the front page of the 2019 CREOL Industrial Affiliates Symposium booklet.
  • March 2019. Taiki Kawamori  passes CREOL candidacy exam.
  • February 2019. Our paper was published in Optica:  T. Tomberg et al. “Background-free broadband absorption spectroscopy based on interferometric suppression with a sign-inverted waveform”,  Optica 6, 147-151 (2019).
  • January 2019. Qitian Ru  passes CREOL dissertation proposal exam.
  • January 2019. Our paper was published in Optica:  S. Vasilyev et al. “Super-octave longwave mid-infrared coherent transients produced by optical rectification of few-cycle 2.5-μm pulses”, Optica 6, 111-114 (2019).
  • August 2018. Dmitrii Konnov joins the group as a graduate student. 
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Group meetings are on Fridays, 9:30-11:00, Room 320 CREOL building.

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